God Hear Our Prayers

Praying For Reason
All 798 and Families Prayers to all Pipeliners Union 798 and their families to continue keeping the Faith in God, for safe travels, and to know that Ladies of 798 are here for you always!
Michael Hawkins Health
Jeannie King (sister of Joan Bradford) Ovarian cancer
Zack, Karmen, and Baby Boy Scott! Zack and Karmen Scott unborn baby has a condition called d-TGA. They need lots of prayers and she has also started a “Little Mister Scott’s Heart Journey” facebook blog if you would like to follow.
Pauline & Doc Tawney Health issues
Norma Kay’s friend Arlen Hemphill Health
Sandra Hendrix Health
Peggy Williams Praise for healing!
Wayne Seale Colon tumor surgery…still recovering.
Leon Pedigo baby of Cory and Maja Not found the problem, running test. He is in the hospital. He was born with heart problems and they think infection in his arteries around the heart. Praying for diagnosis, and then successful treatment.
Tom Miller Treatment for throat cancer.
The Family of Jan Holder Jan, the wife of retiree Herbert Holder, passed away.
Erlene Allison Health issues
The Seyler Family New 798 family.
Family of Randy Hutson John Randall (known as Randy) Hutson, died after a sudden illness February 17, 2017.
Joe & Mae Burchfield Parents of Janie Wallace both facing heath issues.
David & Pat Chambliss Pat and family, struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.
Terry Langley Treatment for cancer.
Jason Hood Health
Janet Skinner Health
Susan Anderson Health

If you have a need, please let us know. If you wish to submit anyone to the prayer list, please fill out the form below and include their first and last name. Please also include updates when they occur. We all love to hear how God heals. Thank you!