1. God Hear Our Prayers
Praying For Reason
Donna McCray Broken hip
Elaine Grubbs Health
Jeannie King (sister of Joan Bradford) Ovarian cancer
Gus Blakeman  5 yr old child attacked by pit bull dog, multiple face surgeries ahead.
 Louie Langley Lung Cancer
Norma Kay’s friend Arlen Hemphill Health
Sandra Hendrix Health
 Karno Brown Surgery for broken ankle, home recovering.
 Pauline & Doc Tawney  Health issues
Leon Pedigo baby of Cory and Maja Praise, doing well!
Tom Miller Finished treatment for throat cancer. Prayers for complete healing.
 Terry Langley  Cancer treatment
Erlene Allison Health issues
 Janet Skinner  Health
 Susan Anderson  Health
Joe & Mae Burchfield Parents of Janie Wallace both facing heath issues.
Pat Chambliss Health and loss of husband.
 Zack, Karmen, and baby Calyer Scott  Praise, Calyer is doing wonderful!
 Pipeline Baby & Family  Young pipeline family carrying a child in need of prayer.
 Joann Stackpole  Healing after surgery.
 Dana Anderson  Life choices
 Nancy and Melvin Linville  Health
 LaCresha Hale  Health issues with Lupus.
 Phil Shead (Father of Lisa Taylor and father in law of Bobby Taylor Jr Prayers for healing after months of intestinal infections.
 Bobby Taylor Sr. (Retired 798 welder)  Prayers for healing after months of problems and surgeries for kidney stones.
 Phillip Wallace  Leg surgery after a farm accident.
 Kathy Blackmore  Health
 Robin Eastwood  Fractured back
 Grandson of JC & Sarah Robinson  Premature birth and health issues
Angela, Hunter & Paisley Morgan, wife and children of James Morgan Car accident

If you have a need, please let us know. If you wish to submit anyone to the prayer list, please fill out the form below and include their first and last name. Please also include updates when they occur. We all love to hear how God heals. Thank you!